Murasu Symbol allotted to DMDK

The Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kalagam started by Tamil film actor Vijaykanth was allotted the "Murasu" symbol by the Election Commission. It must be noted that DMDK has been pressing the Election Commission for quite sometime now for allotting the Murasu symbol. The allotment of the symbol should come as a relief for Vijaykanth since there are at least three candidates with the same name contesting as independents from Viruddachalam assembly constituency. Else where, the Dalit Panthers of India (DPI), which is contesting as part of the ADMK led DPF alliance, has been allotted the "Bell" symbol.


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  1. Vijay on

    DMDK has been allotted Murasu symbol in many (not all) constituencies inclucing Vridhachalam. As of now, DMDK is just a registered party. It needs to garner atleast 6 pc of the votes in order to become a recognised state party, after which they can have their own symbol..

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