The Jayendra factor

In general, the ADMK garners the lions' share of Brahmin votes (i.e. if the BJP isn't in the fray). The DMK doesn't do too well with them, for obvious reasons. However in the upcoming elections, the ADMK should find itself no better placed than any other party in winning votes from this community.

The reason? The incarceration of the head of the Kanchi mutt, Jayendra Saraswati. Across the Hindu community, opinion has been divided as to whether the Government was right in sending the pontiff to jail. Despite the divided opinion, most people believe that this was an act of vendetta on the part of the Government. And this doesn't augur well of the ADMK.

In a constituency like Mylapore, which has a predominant Brahmin population, the ADMK would not find the going that easy. Jayendra's arrest being on the major events during Amma's rule, it would weigh heavily on the voter's mind.

Probably the ADMK is now thinking, it would have been better had they kept politics out of religion, for now, they are finding it tough to keep religion out of politics…


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  1. Eshwar S on

    The Brahmin community has always been treated very badly by the Dravidian parties. In fact the main reason for the creation of the Dravidian movement was anti-Brahmisim.

    I don’t think they have any real backers in the political spectrum other than the BJP. But the BJP isn’t really in any position to make a difference in TN. For that very reason, I think they will choose the lesser of the two evils (DPA or DPF).

    But, looking at the opinion polls it looks like they haven’t made up their mind.

  2. Anonymous on

    Remove ALL the reservation for education,job and all just for 2 years through out INDIA ,
    and select people only based on pure merit in all educational instituations and Govt sectors then you will see who brahmins are.

  3. manlion on

    No political party in Tamilnadu take the Brahmins seriously because, a majority of the Brahmins do not vote. It does not happen with other communities. As long as they do not exercise their franchise, they will never be able to create an impact on the Political Parties. I would like to remind the Brahmins that the DMK was the first to attack the AIADMK Govt. for not having initiated any action against the Seer on Shankarraman Murder Case. Now, who will they vote for.

  4. Anonymous on

    This case is not gona be big deal.I accept brahmins have strong belief in sankarachariya.But in front of law evry one is same.So when considering the issue brahmins are educated majority will not take this issue seriously.But again there is also negative side.But when compared with DMK ,ADMK is far better in trating all religions equally giving their freedom and more over it has played a major role by organising kumbaabishekam in many temples.

    More over in mylapore constituency S.V.Sekar from ADMK is a brahmin and also is more popular among the community than Nepolean from DMK.

    But to be fair enough putting the community aside let people decide carefully for whom to vote to make the state powerfull.

    Moreover my view on the comment posted by anonymous stating that
    ‘you will see who brahmins are’

    Brahmins are ‘not the only one ‘who is educated and brilliant — they are one among others who are educated and brilliant.


  5. Doctor Bruno on

    This will matter only when they come out to vote.

    And even then, as already told they will not vote for DMK.

  6. Anonymous on

    This is with reference to the few comment and a bit notice I received inside Varamalar today. As per the notice they have asked all the Brahmin community to vote for AIADMK because Jayalalitha is Brahmin. The notice states that it is from the Tamilnadu Brahmins Association, so called TAMBRAS. But the office bearers of the TAMBRAS deny it and they call it as fault campaign from Dinamalar, a news magazine run by a Brahmin. TAMBRAS wants their community to vote for BJP.

    The worst thing in that is the bit notice is they are describing the Barathyar as their community man. This is pathetic. “Jathikal illaiyadi pappa” endravanai parthu en jathikkaran entru sollubavan ethai vakkira buddhi udayavanaha iruppan.

    The true meaning of Brahmin is not what they consider today. It is beyond what they can conceive. The few organisations like these guides the next generation in a wrong direction. After suffering for few years due to reservation, the community developed well. But few people of the same community now add poison to their mind. It is very very dangerous. Those who can understand only can understand those and who misunderstand will misunderstand.

  7. Anonymous on

    Not only the Jayandrar factor,people won`t forget the last five years JJ`s Hitlarism.People know everything and already dicided and waiting for on 8th may 2006

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