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This past week one of the hot topics has been giving away freebies, more importantly subsidizing rice. Various parties have come up with their own announcements. The DMK started out with the promise of 1 kg rice at Rs. 2 in their election manifesto. To match this, Jayalalitha yesterday promised 10 kg of free rice every month in addition to the normal 10 kg of rice at Rs. 3.50 per kg. Not to be left behind, the newly formed DMDK has promised 15 kg of free rice in its manifesto. None of them have detailed any plan as to how they plan to implement their promises and where the money will come from. Such being the case, I would like to know from you whether these promises will have an impact on these elections and if you think such schemes will be feasible and beneficial to our state? Your comments…..


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  1. Kaps on

    irrespective of whether it is beneficial or not, the taxpayer needs to foot the bill.

  2. Anbazhagan D V on

    This is reminiscent of what happened in Andhra Pradesh in the 80s when NTR was voted back to power. He started his campaign with a Rs 2 per kg of rice promise. The ruling Congress Party, desperate and clueless in the last lap of the campaign, chose to offer rice at Rs 1.50.


    Same thing is going to be repeated to Jayalitha also in this election.

  3. manlion on

    The Dravidian Parties are well known for such gimmicks since the days of their founder Annadorai. He promised 3 Kgs. for a rupee. He did not stop with that. He even said that if we do not do it, punish us severely by whipping and stoning us. He came to power and the ‘Aringnar’ could not offer even at one rupee a measure and the scheme was abandoned. Now it is the turn of these two bloody cheats ‘Kalaingnar’ and ‘Puratchi Thalaivi’.

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