Campaigning reaches fever pitch

With less than 3 weeks remaining for the TN assembly election, campaigning has reached fever pitch. With opinion polls predicting a neck-to-neck race, both alliances are desperately vowing voters with offers of free rice, color TV etc. In fact, Jayalalitha after initially ridiculing DMK's promise of 1 kg rice at Rs. 2 has come out with a promise of rice at Rs. 1.75 / kg. Karunanidhi for his part has been trying to overcome people's skepticism of his promise of free color TV. Vaiko, the enemy turned friend of Jayalalitha has been critical of "family politics" of Karunanidhi and has attacked his promise of free color TV as an effort to promote SUN TV. Another politician making tours around the clock is Vijaykanth. According to the latest polls, his new party the DMDK has been able to poll a sizable number of votes. His campaign revolves around the promise of a better alternative to the DMK & ADMK in the state.


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  1. Kaps on
  2. Eshwar S on


    Yes. Actually I visited your blog earlier today and found out that this blog was mentioned on Also thanks for posting this info on your blog.

  3. Vijay Krishna on

    Kaps, thanks a lot. In fact, the article gives me undue credit. It’s been Eshwar’s work through and through.

  4. Eshwar S on

    vijay is always very modest. His contribution to this blog has been enormous. when I first started this blog there used to be about 20 people visiting this daily. After vijay joined today we have close to 150 people a day. while my blog entries are usually on the daily news events, vijay posts have more analysis which makes for a more interesting reading.

    overall, i am extremely happy with the results of this blog and hopefully this will result in people being better informed so they can make a wise decision in the upcoming elections.

  5. Anbazhagan D V on

    A reporter asks Vijaykanth : What is your opinion about Condoleezza Rice?

    Vijaykanth replies: There are 599 varieties of rice in the world. Out of which 344 varieties are grown in India, out of which 288 varieties arew grown in Tamilnadu. Kondaleesa (Candoleezza) rice is one among them. It is a good quality rice. If we come to power, we will distribute Kondaleesa rice freely to each family.

    Just a joke.

    Vijaykanth knows that he won’t come to power.So he boldly announces that he would distribute 15 kg free rice at the door steps.

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