Advantage ADMK – Thuglaq Poll

Tamil magazine Thuglaq published the results of their opinion poll earlier this week. According to the survey, the ADMK alliance will capture 60% of the seats. The survey was conducted in 100 constituencies. The survey found no anti-incumbancy against the Jayalalitha led government. People surveyed were extremely happy with the relief work carried out by the government during the recent floods. The survey also found that the Vijaykanth factor playing a role in the northern districts. The actor was able to wean away supporters of PMK and DMK into his fold. The survey also predicted that Vaiko's entry into the ADMK front didn't have a great impact. However, his campaigning has boosted the morale of the ADMK cadres.

[Note] I personally don't offer much credence to any survey conducted by Thulaq since its chief editor Cho is actively involved in politics and has lent support to the ADMK this election. Having said that I still decided to publish the results to keep the viewers of this blog informed.


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  1. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    You are right Easwar. I too read the results which is very much out of reality. And also, he is careful in publishing the results. Only 2% difference is there between winner and runner. And Cho is supporting ADMK very much, in his articles and cover page cartoon..So I too not ineterst and have faith on that

  2. luckylook on

    CHO is not a reliable person… He is a political Broker… So, We can reject his opinion Poll…

  3. MAS[Miratal Adi Stalin] on

    Cho is one of the Calm Rowdi. He simply sat on his house and giving comments of everyone. He is to be added in the Laziest group. He is a ADMK supporter. SO he will support only JJ. 2% will not do nothing. The change will totally happens when the Braviest Mother. Sonia Land in Tamil Nadu. So that will be so favour to DMK

  4. Anonymous on

    Cho’s predictions always go wrong…every election he used to support ADMK. He himself is useless…where his report is.

  5. Anonymous on

    Many a time pre-poll survey results go haywire. But this time around all the 4 survey results show that the wind is blowing AIADMK’s way. One of the comments say that 2% difference is negligible. My dear friend, please understand that a 2% differerence can cause a landslide. Probably, you have not keenly watched Poll Result Analysis by NDTV . Further, take it from me the Sonia factor is not going to work wonders in an Assembly Election. Maybe, not many Tamilians were ashamed to vote for a foreigner to be India’s PM despite the fact that there are innumerable worthy candidates within the Congress Party.

  6. MAS[Miratal Adi Stalin] on

    If sonia is a foreigner, Then tell me, Whether JJ is a Tamilian??? She belongs to Karnataka….Please think that can one tamilian can stand for chief minister in karnataka or any other states? We tamilian cannot. They will kick off us

  7. Anonymous on

    Bo actually my prediction is faraway greater than all polls aiadmk will gain nearly 65-70% because her government excellent. Polls are not always corrected and final.

  8. Anonymous on

    M.A.S you are talking too much

  9. Anonymous on

    MAS is perfect. The opposition parties and third front are using the sentecne “Sonia is Foreigner” and they are creating problems, because they are afraid of Sonia. They know that Sonia have a great craze among people.

    First you have to think before talking. Dont we have native tamilians in AIADMK. First correct our mistake and then talk about others, if they have.

  10. Anonymous on

    If JJ is not a Tamilian and a Kannadiga, then Karunanidhi is of Telugu origin. I think MAS is not aware of this fact. Also note that Vijaykanth’s monther tongue is Telugu and also Vaiko’s. If you keep digging at it we will touch Adam & Eve. And there will be another controversy if Adam & Eve ever existed. No body would raise a question if Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka aspires to be the PM of India. Sonia is after-all Italian born and her feeling is always “Sorgame endralum namma ooru polaguma”. Now, I hope MAS will understand what I say. Pirantha mannai yaaralappa marakka mudiyum. Are you born here is the question. Karunanidhi,JJ,Vaiko and Vijaykanth were all born in India. Tamilnadu has accepted MGR. Rajasthan has accepted a Madhya Pradeshi as CM. Probably MAS like Karunanidhi is dreaming a separate country for Tamils. Mr.MAS, please bear in mind that ‘veerathamizhan’ Karunanidhi is a coward. Fearing arrest by Indira Gandhi he dropped the idea of a separate Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is part of India.There ends it.

  11. Anonymous on

    Cho used to be honest and forthright years ago. His views carried credibility. But today’s Cho is a fraud who twists and turns facts to suit his argument. This doesn’t mean that ADMK is not going to win. It may, but Cho’s pre-poll results are concocted and they are best ignoed.

  12. Beniston on

    Hey MAS dont worry, this guy/ lady whoever is commenting against you, doesnt have a name. He/ she doesnt have the guts to mention his/ her name. Dont waste your time replying to these morons. You are right. JJ has no morality to even contest. Cho is a forgettable character. typical sakuni of the rudest and impractical political broker you could ever have heard of.There a lot more derogatory terms that suit him, but lets avoid them in this forum.

  13. Shrikanth R on

    As mentioned in AVP
    Whoever wins we Publics Lose
    in this election no one is gonna help people. K says, that he’s gonna give colour TV and Gas stove. he can be considered if he would’ve given a promise that he’ll atleast try to reduce the price of the Gas Cylinders. Can he do that. As well as J announces that she’s gonna give 10 kg of rice free and a computer to all +2 students. No one is caring the poor. the homeless and helpless. no body is trying to make the poor people’s life better. so we need to find an alternative to clean our country.

  14. Anonymous on

    I am Sundararajan (Lazy to create login).
    1. JJ is Kanadika (interesting finding) KK is Telugu (another findings) But nice to read.

    2. Not sure anyone reads Thuglak. (20 years). Normally I defer from his views. But I am sure I respect his integrity. It is proven since Emergency Days. If you questions his integrity, you need to provide facts.

    3. Last week Cho listed his thoughts of on his survey. He has clearly listed the possibilities of the survey go wrong. He also said last time the Thuglak survey results are near to correct; this gave him a confidence to conduct the survey again.

    4. He compared the results with Kumudam.

    5. We do not know, the survey may be correct or not. But I am sure, based on the past history on his integrity; he has done his job honestly.

    6. If I call you as thief without giving any valid reason; it shows my level of thinking.

    I hope this group does not represent the intellectual (or thinking) community of TN.


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