TN Congress Party – An Analysis

There was once a time when Congress party was the dominant party in the Tamil Nadu with leaders like Kamaraj. However, ever since Kamaraj's demise the Tamil Nadu State Congress party has been witnessing a continuous decline in popularity. Groupism within the state unit has prevented any mass leader from emerging. Moreover, the state leaders are completely at the behest of the High Command and have no say in important matters like alliances, seat sharing, and candidates. Everytime during elections, TNCC is affected by internal bickering and dissidence more than any other party. This time is also no different. The party is contesting its first election after the death of Moopanar, who was their most popular leader in the state for a couple of decades. Today, there are three major groups within the Congress. The first one led by GK Vasan (son of Moopanar), second one is headed by former TNCC chief and present Union Minister Elangovan, and the last group is led by Finance Minister P Chidambaram. None of these groups have any major clout among the people. In this election, the Congress party is contesting 48 seats. Many observers feel that this is a lot given the fact that the popularity of the party has declined substantially and isn't a major force anymore in the state. Its will be interesting to see how many seats the party will manage to win in this election and if it can revive itself…


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  1. Prasanna on

    Hi Eshwar

    Excellent Analysis

    I was just stunned by Karunanidhi’s generous offer of seats to congress ,disproportinate to their known strength

    As you have pointed out Congress in Tamil NADU is in tatters Uninspiring and dismal leadership.More leaders than cadres

    After the demise of the highly respected Moopanar,Congress is rudderless

    This one act singularly signed the death warrant for the DMK alliance

    Its so uncharacteristic of a seasoned politican like Karuna to committ such a big folly

    Atleast he could have retained Vaiko by offering 5 seats more.Atleast from the public perception that would have made the alliance athimetically unbeatable and impreganable

    Also i am suprised how political observers credit 15 % votebank to Congress.How do they arrive at the statistics.WaS IT BASED on the 1989 ELECTIONS when congress contested seperately and bagged 27 seats(for kind info-it finished way behind ADMAK Jaya faction)

    In the 1999 elections when TMC Moopanar forged a third front and contested it POLLED 4% VOTES.Congress was then part of ADMA ALLIANCE and was given 7-8 seats by Jaya and won 2(Mani Shankar and Nachaiappan)

    So their current strength will something in the region of 5-7%

    And 48 seats for this limited vote bank is a joke

    Thats why contrary to common perception its Jaya has a better understanding of real politik than

    In 2001 polls inspite of good administration given by the DMK,they lost the poll because they ejected Vaiko OUT and forged a disastrous allaince with all and sundry caste groups

    I my analysis Karuna should have given 3o seats to Congress/MDMK


  2. Eshwar S on


    I think MK’s idea was if he was able to grant more seats to the congress, he would be able to minimize infighting within the congress. It would also get congress party to work enthusiastically for the DMK’s victory. But little did he realize that no matter how many seats are given to the congress there will be infighting.

    I personally think congress has a vote bank of about 8 percent. The problem is their votes are scattered unlike the PMK and DPI, which are more concentrated.

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