Sarath Kumar joins ADMK

Tamil actor Sarath Kumar joined the ADMK in the presence of TN CM Jayalalitha yesterday. He was accompanied by his wife Radhika. It may be recollected that Sarath Kumar resigned from the DMK a few days back complaining that his "hard work" wasn't respected by the party. Sarath Kumar is no stranger to the ADMK. As a matter of fact, he started his political career with the party before switching loyalties to the DMK in 1996. Its quite a surprising decision given the fact that he was considered close to Karunanidhi and the business relationship his wife shares with SUN TV. But differences propped up with the DMK's leadership when he was refused a party ticket for this upcoming elections. Sarath Kumar has the strong backing of the Nadar community which is dominant in the southern parts of the state. But more importantly, DMK has lost yet another star campaigner to the ADMK front. Sarath Kumar is undoubtedly a good crowd puller as seen from the previous elections, and given the fact that the DMK is already low on star power, this move by the actor is a big blow to the party.


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  1. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    This is out of the topic. You can give links to your previuos posts..For this, You already made a post abt Sarath’s out of DMK..You can just made a link to that..

  2. Vijay Krishna on

    I think this is another blow to the DMK front, as it takes out another of their star campaigners. Two, in fact. And both of them, quite persuasive.

    Speaking of star campaigners, I saw a broadcast of Kovai Sarala’s campaign speech. She was doing a really good job.

  3. Eshwar S on


    I agree this is another blow to the DMK campaign. They are already short of crowd pullers and losing someone like Sarath Kumar won’t help matters either. I think DMK should get someone like Sonia Gandhi to campaign more in TN to make up for this. Eventough people may not understand a word what she says she is a good crowd puller. Also having someone like her will help the Congress party in the state which at the moment seems directionless.


    This is definitely not off topic. His decision to join the ADMK is definitely news worthy and significant in my opinion.

  4. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    Sorry Eswar. I meant ‘out off topic’ about my suggestion..not about the decision made by Sarath.

  5. Karthik on

    >>I think DMK should get someone like Sonia Gandhi to campaign

    Probably she would offer to resign a few more posts if DMK is voted to power! 😉

  6. Anonymous on

    Sonia gandhi compaign wont affect jayalalithaa’s popularity and pro aiadmk waves.

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