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In this weeks viewer's opinion section, I would like to hear from you about the poll prospects of Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK). DMDK was started by Tamil film actor Vijaykanth. Vijaykanth has been able to attract huge crowds during his campaign meetings. But the question in everybody's mind is will be able to translate this into votes. Vijaykanth is also contesting from Vriddhachalam assembly constituency, a strong hold of the PMK. Its was a very surprising decision since Vijaykanth is more popular in the south. How many seats do you predict DMDK will win in this election? Will Vijaykanth himself be able to win? Looking forward to your opinions…


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  1. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    DMK earned 34% in last 2001 election..PMK also have stronghold..I am puzzled why he selected virudhdhachalam. He can pull some votes from DMK, ADMK, PMK. But not able to affect their victory. Overall, In TN, DMDK will get around 4-5% of votes..They cannot bag any assembly seats. Eventhough victory in Panruti is not possible.

  2. Kaps on

    worstcase – they might not win anything. but i think they might win 2 – 3 and vijayakanth might also win.

    the bigger impact will be that it will split the votes. ADMK will be the biggest beneficiary because of the split as most of Vijayakanth’a campaign has been targetted at PMK and DMK.

  3. Eshwar S on


    I agree the choice of his assembly seat is very puzzling. I agree with you that he might be able to win about 5% of the vote. This might not translate into any seats.


    2-3 seats is about the max I think he can win. He should be happy if that happens. Its unknown to me who will benefit if vijaykanth manages a get a significant vote share. Some people think Vaiko will be most affect. Others think DMK.

  4. Anonymous on

    yes he will win in virudhachalam

  5. Anonymous on

    miracles may always happen at any point of time.

  6. Anonymous on

    if vijaykanth is the captain of tamil cinema….then who is the vice captain???

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