Karthik to contest from Andipatti?

Actor turned politician and head of the TN unit of AIFB, Karthik lashed out at the ADMK in an interview to the online portal Chennai Online. Karthik told the portal that he was offered 3.5 crores + 5 assembly seats from Madurai Adheenam ( head of a religious institution in Madurai ) on behalf of the ADMK. However, Karthik said he had rejected the offer and decided to contest on its own. The actor also mentions in the interview, that he has been receiving death treats but claims that he was not worried about it. In an apparent warning to the ADMK, Karthik said that if the death treats continue or if there was any attempt to block the Lion symbol of the AIFB, he might even contest from Andipatti against ADMK Chief Jayalalitha. If such a situation arises (and if he secures support from the DPA alliance), we are sure to expect a good fight since Andipatti constituency is dominated by Thevars. Karthik himself is a Thevar and has very good support from the community. If Karthik decides to throw his hat in the ring, then expect an exciting election.


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