DPA’s Pondicherry Problem

The deadline for filing for nominations end on April 12th. What is surprising is that the DPA has still not even reached a seat sharing agreement in Pondicherry. It appears that the Congress will have to go it alone like last time. Unlike Tamil Nadu, the Congress has significant presence in the Union Territory. In fact last time they defeated both the DMK led alliance with PMC (Kannan) and ADMK + PMK combine to form a majority. The Congress would ideally like to contest 16-17 seats. However, this may not be possible since they have to allot seats to DMK, PMK, CPM, and CPI. There is simply not enough seats for all of them.

Another problem is that PMK always wants to contest a lion share of seats in the Union Territory because of the large presence of the Vanniyar community. But unlike TN where the PMK has some presence, in the Pondicherry its influence is negligible. Yet, it demands a significant number of seats. Either, the Congress will have to convince the DMK to let go of PMK or contest separately like last time. The DMK is also in a very tricky position as well. It doesn't want this to affect its relationship with the PMK since in the event of a hung assembly in TN, PMK leader Ramadoss may well be the deciding factor.

The next couple of days will be interesting…


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  1. Kaps on

    i read somewhere that dmk and congress have decided to contest separately in pondy.

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