Bhagyaraj joins DMK

"In a rude jolt to the ruling AIADMK, popular Tamil film actor and director K Bhagyaraj, a die-hard MGR admirer, today met DMK president M Karunanidhi at Anna Arivalayam along with office-bearers of his fans' association and decided to join the DMK. They pledged to campaign for the DMK-led DPA in the coming Assembly elections as AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa had "sidelined MGR loyalists". Bhagyaraj is quite popular in the western and southern belts of Tamil Nadu and both his movies and TV shows have been well received, particularly by women. The DMK move to rope in Bhagyaraj is aimed at making a dent in the AIADMK vote-bank and wean away MGR loyalists, most of whom have been ignored in the ticket distribution for the Assembly elections. Though Bhagyaraj is seen more as a director these days, he continues to have his own sphere of influence as one of the best exponents of screenplay in the Indian film industry."

Source: Chennai Online


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  1. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    Actually I dont expect this. But the words of Bhagyaraj are really true. JJ behaving that she is the founder and all of ADMK.

    Bhagyaraj was in ADMK from the starting of the party. But he dont have a constituency from ADMK to stand. But SVeShekar who joined ADMK recently got seat.
    And also, JJ is not promoting MGR.. She used his name may be in the time of elections.

  2. randramble on

    In the photo, I thought the people in the background included actors Chandrasekhar and Thyagu…

  3. Kaps on

    you are right. those guys don’t have any jobs. even rama narayanan (the director who uses lot of animals) can be found in the pic.

  4. MAS[Miratal Adi Stalin] on

    Bhagiaraj who wrotes his story which happens real in Life. He is great. Yes really he supports ADMK from the beginning when the party start. He is one of the supporter. But now a days JJ is aterly making people fool. if we need to see her, we need to bow and neeldown before her. What she is a God??? She think’s as a God. But iduyellam selathu ma. I saw a Bhagiya raj seminar in SUN Tv. He asked good question that ” Tamil Nadu police has found the a lot of case. Why dont they still not catch the culprits who were involved in Dharmapuri Bus Fired Incident. This is a good question Mr.Bhagiarj has been arrised

  5. […] “Most of them are snakes in the grass like Bhagyaraj. They call themselves as heirs of MGR’s film legacy and will ditch him at the first opportunity […]

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