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Its very refresing to see so many of you visiting this blog everyday catching up with news and commenting on the various postings. A sincere thanks to everyone. I taught this would be a good time for an opinion section. In this week section, I would like to know what you think will be the finally tally of the two major fronts the DPA (DMK, Congress, PMK, CPM, IUML, and CPI) and the DPF(ADMK, MDMK, DPI, and AIFB) in the elections. My personal prediction at this moment would be DPA – 140 and DPF – 90 seats. But I think the trend seems to favor the DPF at the moment and even a small swing (especially in a 2 front race) away from the DPA would mean a reversal in numbers? Your comments.


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  1. Prasanna on


  2. Prasanna on

    As i had mentioned in one of my earlier comments in this blog, this election is becoming
    psephologist’s nightmare

    So armchair political observers like us can have a field day in predicting the outcome without
    any rigorous scientific methodology or statistical tools

    This is my take

    DMK 45 TO 55
    PMK 15 TO 18
    cOMMUNISTS 10 TO 12

    AIADMK 105-115
    MDMK 15 TO 20
    DPA 5

  3. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    My opinion is
    DMK front with 155-175
    ADMK front with 55-75

  4. Karthik R on

    Have any of the polling firms (MARG..) come out with their opinion polls? It would be great if you guys could post those results.

  5. Raj on

    This is my prediction

    dmk 102
    admk 70
    cong 25
    pmk 15
    mdmk 10
    dpi 2
    cm 6
    cpi 4

    That means DPA 152
    DPF 82

  6. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    I hope, as expected and published by media, there wont be coalition government. Hope DMK will come to power once again

  7. Eshwar S on

    @karthikeyan muthurajan

    No one knows what who will win this time or what the margins will be. I think the next month will be crucial for both fronts otherwise I think we most probably will have a coalition govt which I think will be quite bad for the state.


    Your break down is inline with my thinking as well. I personally think the race is a little more closer than the number you indicate.

    @karthik r

    I haven’t seen any polling my MARG done yet. I will keep you guys updated if I have any survey results done by accredited sources.

  8. Anonymous on

    I am completely with your prediction and too agree with your views.


  9. Anonymous on



  10. Anonymous on

    This is a gossip in London,
    Stalin is a rapist.(Fathima Babu)
    That’s why noladies want to join with DMK.
    Even DMK don’t want to imagine him as a CM.
    Is it true?

  11. Sengi on

    In my opinion DMK will form the govt.

    DMK – 80-105
    INC – 25
    PMK – 21
    CPI – 5
    CPI(M)- 9

    AIADMK – 50-70
    MDMK – 5 -10
    DPI – 3

    DMDK – 1

    Hopefully DMK will form a govy.

  12. Bala Murali on

    My prediction as of today is

    ADMK 112
    DMK 70
    PMK 19
    MDMK 15
    CONG 12
    DPI 4

    Give or take ten seats between DMK and ADMK seats.

    It may change dramatically, if MK says tommorrow that “Free food, power, petrol, house, land to all” or Jaya says “Free shopping complex, land, monthly salary 25,000Rs to all” or Vijayakanth says “Free kalyana mandapam to all and Cinema hero chance to one person in family”.

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