Personality Watch – MK Stalin

Last week I started the personality watch section were I promised to write about a personality each week who will influence the upcoming assembly election . This week I will write about MK Stalin, former Mayor of Chennai and son of DMK chief M Karunanidhi.

MK Stalin started out his political career in the youth wing of DMK. Slowly, he was elevated up the ranks and is presently severing as the deputy general secretary of the party. In 1996, Stalin was elected mayor of Chennai a post he held till 2001 which he was forced to relinquish because of the one man one post legislature brought by the ADMK government headed by Jayalalitha. A lot of the second line leadership of DMK today are considered close to Stalin. But the rise of Stalin within the DMK ranks hasn't been an easy one. In 1994, Vaiko launched a rebellion against Karunanidhi for promoting Stalin. In the 2001 assembly elections there was a lot of bickering within the DMK and even MK Azhagiri, another son of Karunanidhi, openly rebelled against party candidates close to Stalin. In fact, PTR Palanivel Rajan, the former speaker became a victim of this and lost what was supposed to be a safe seat in Madurai.

While, Stalin might not be able to match the charisma of Karunanidhi, he is quite adept at running the organization. During his tenure as Mayor, Stalin was able to keep DMK's presence within the Chennai city. During every election in the last decade, DMK has been able to draw on this to register impressive wins in Chennai.

In the upcoming elections, MK Stalin will continue to play an important role within the DMK. It is also possible that Stalin might have an outside chance of becoming Chief Minister. This largely depends on the number of seats DMK can muster. If they are very close to the majority mark you can bet Karunanidhi making way for his rising son.


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  1. MAS[Miratal Adi Stalin] on

    If MK. Stalin comes Chief Minister in TamilNadu. Sure Tamil Nadu will improve to 100% in each and every phase….because he is so strong, younger, enthusiastic, etc.,

  2. junidoll on

    He is a man with lot of gud ideas and dreams for TN.From his youngest age, he is in politics and he took
    efforts for building up Chennai when he was Mayor. And for that he was
    honored by Irish University.

  3. junidoll on

    This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Anonymous on

    What did stalin achieve in TN or Chennai that he deserved to be portrayed as chief minister? doubtful

    While Stalin is famous in Chennai, do you have any evidence that the whole TN favor him for the top job? not sure

    TN politics in itself is the most corrupted, nasty, mudslinging and irrational among India’s modern politics, to top this DMK is the worst of worst in promoting Stalin, by sideling good leaders within for the top job?

    what is your explanation to the above question.

    PS: The DMK leader, MK’s shrewed idea of keeping Dalits down and not promoting dalits by sharing the power in the past years is going to kick his ass in this election. Because, the rising dalit star and popular Thirumavalvan is much smarter and a power to be recokened in this election, when he and his dalit leaders were denied seats, they joined together to defeat MKs dementic attitude towards dalits this year. This is going to have a great negative impact on DMK in this election.

  5. Arun Damodaran on

    I believe he still does some modeling nice photo poses. He pretends to be decent that all. He is in the shadow of his father.

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