Vote for DMK, get a free TV

Free colour TVs, reservation for minorities and free power for weavers are some of the promises that the DMK has made to Tamil Nadu voters in its manifesto released on Wednesday. The AIADMK government has implemented several populist schemes, and the DMK, its chief rival, doesn't want to be left behind. The government has a free bicycle scheme for students, so the DMK promises to give colour TVs to all families in the state. The DMK manifesto says pregnant women will get a monthly allowance of Rs 1000 for six months. That's in reply to AIADMK giving cash awards of Rs 1,000 in villages and Rs 2,000 in Chennai for flood victims.
There is more on the gravy train. The DMK says it will give free LPG stoves to poor families, arrange jobs for 3 lakh unemployed youth, provide good quality rice at Rs 2 per kg for the poor and ensure reservations for Muslims and Christians.

Source: IBNLive [Thanks randramble for this information]


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  1. view from the fareast on

    as if they are distributing their grandfather’s money. It is people’s money and these fools have no right to distribute. Reservations for minority, so if I convert into #$@!^ism, will I get a seat?

  2. Vijay Krishna on

    Okay, I want a Samsung 53″ wall-hanging TV. Game?

  3. Acharya on

    Please also read my thoughts on these gimmicks at

  4. KG on

    Innum konja naal-la boomi maadha vaaya thorakka poraa… tamilnaadu ulla poga povudhu.

  5. Raj on

    So we can all stare at the TV all day long until our eyes are bloodshot, and our brains numb – become zombies and elect the same people dumbly every election – I have no clue how these politicians announce stupid schemes like these(which is going to clean out the coffers) instead of making our lives better. One day things will change

  6. Anbazhagan D V on

    Most of the above comments reveal that they do not understand the manifesto correctly. The ctv’s are for extreme poor who are longing for a tv but can’t offored to purchase and not for every one and there may be some more criteria also.
    When Jayalalitha ordered for flood relief to every one who have ration card, nobody objected and not even opened their mouth in this regard. I saw a person came by car to the school where flood relief is distributed. He collected Rs.2000,a sari,a dhoti and 10 kgs of rice.Even a bank officer who lives in the seventh floor collected the above flood relif materials. Then why such hue and cry reg. ctv only.

  7. Rajan on

    I don’t think any of the educated people around here would fall for this ‘welfare’ promise. Colour TV for every family that doesn’t have one? I would have gained some respect for Dr.M.K.K if he had announced free education in schools for children from families who do not yet have a school going kid.

    “extreme poor who are longing for a tv”.

    One must know what is good, to actually do good! And this promise is simply an act of desperation in my opinion.

  8. Eshwar S on

    I think there should be some level of accountability as to how these things are going to be done. Parties these days are promising things left and right. Most of these promises are impractical to say the least. Such is the case, nobody can say anything since political parties are at their own freedom as to what to include in their manifesto.

  9. Eshwar S on


    The fact is this is a scheme that just empties the state coffers. There must be some value to the state if a scheme is launched. This doesn’t add any value. You can’t say the same of a scheme launched by Kamaraj like “mid-day” meal scheme. Atleast it was launched with the intension of educating children. There is atleast some benifit to this scheme even though the state loses a lot of money by providing this service.

    Also its a tendency among people in our state to justify these things by saying the other side (in this case ADMK) does the same. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  10. DreamChasers on

    most of the people below poverty line dont have jobs,by giving them TVs i believe they will stay at home for better part of the day,by giving 2 acres of land they actively encourage landlords(warlords) to grab’em from the poor,there is already a 69% reservation and by increasing it to 74% no good is gonna happen,only the standards of the best colleges are gonna detoriate .
    students from backward community et al are already entering thru the other 31%,and they’ll do so from the 16% also,then wher the hell will the FC will be not all FC are wealthy

  11. MAS[Miratal Adi Stalin] on

    Friends this Free TV announcement by Kalaignar Karunadhi is for the poor people who dont have TV in there house. Still there is the people who are living very poor. V can say it easily that i want Samsung TV. But poor people just they want the entertainment by using that TV whihc it give some enjoyment and joyfull to the people. Kalaingar has thought for the people who dont have TV. Dont only intimate for TV. but also he has announce a lot of list. Please think that too…

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