A Start!

"Apart from the usual suspects, there are quite a few interesting parties in the fray in the upcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Apart from two new film stars, there is also a party by the name of Lok Paritran floated by ex-IIT graduates. Armed with their prestigious degrees, they have decided to say no to lucrative jobs and take the plunge into politics. "You see that your country doesn't have good governance. So what's the point of being in New York or some corporate job," said Tanmay Rajpurohit, Founder, Lok Paritran.

Founded by four former IITians, this fledgling party did not even have an office three weeks ago. Today, they have officially set up shop and receive a steady stream of interested participants. "Our ideology speaks about responsibilities as proportional to abilities. So people who understand that they have abilities, they should come forward," said Ajit Shukla, Founder, Lok Paritran. But what about the money and muscle power that is the hallmark of an Indian election? The party says they are seeking donations from people, especially NRIs who want to sponsor good governance. The young men at Lok Parithran believe that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. But that's exactly the apathy that these men have to fight – the apathy that makes everyone blame the system without doing anything about it."

Source: NDTV


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  1. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    Really it’s good start..But they should increase their stability to fight against these local politicians

  2. Anonymous on

    This is just being dreamy eyed. Urban perceptions maynot reflect the reality in the rural heartland.

  3. revolutionary thinkers on

    this is what indians need it now.i personally feel tht an initiative is what we were lagging in n now its gud 2 see u people havin given a head start.its obvious tht all the student community will definitely support this.about the stability 2 fight against politicians i think v shudnt worry coz its v who r goin 2 fight n not u alone.hats off 2 u people 4 this excellent thought.

  4. Anonymous on

    Fantabulous initiative…hope this inspires lot more people to shoulder up responsibilities and show the country wat v can do.V really look forward for more such acts and im sure tat the whole students community will back up this.Wishin u success whole heartedly

  5. Anonymous on

    I am writing from london and i am a student.Our indian students here think that this is a very good steps in order to make our country proud in the world, we have politicians who have some dozen criminal cases and the corruption that gives our a bad reputatation.
    Our economy is growing very rapidly and we dont want it to be ruined by some selfish, corrupted politicians.
    It is the time for us to make our country better. I really think these guys have given good start.
    I request all the youth to support this party cuz it is always better that the power goes to the right person insted of a illetarate.

    I really admire this revolution and i feel very sorry that i am not in india to help these people.


  6. Anonymous on

    Does any one has the contact address of this institution. Please post it on the website. They are not reaching the masses.
    Its difficult for those who want to join them to reach them.

  7. Ashwath Krishna on

    I think u guys hav done a great job..Its an amazing start..but I feel that u guys hav to make yourselves more popular than this…

  8. Anonymous on

    great going…
    we students are with u… u dont have to worry… u guys have taken the initiative and it is our responsibility to make sure u win at any cost..

  9. Anonymous on

    its a great start, i wish them all the success, please post their contact address as it will be very much useful for us to help them in their endeavour

  10. FlowerGirl on

    Good Initiative!

    As somebody has suggested already, contact address and a website, which can make you easily reach out the public worldwide is highly essential at this point in time.

    Cheers!! All the best!!

  11. Krishna on

    Good Initiative!

    As somebody has suggested already, contact address and a website, which can make you easily reach out the public worldwide is highly essential at this point in time.

    Cheers!! All the best!!

  12. Krishna on

    Great Initiative!!! Go Ahead..

    “Brahmanyaayadhi karmaani
    Shankam Tyaktvaa Karodhiyaha
    Lipyataenasa papaena
    Padmam patram ivambhasha”
    -Lord Krishna

    As it reads, all the efforts we put in on any kind of duties/responsibilities we take up should be without any kind of attachment to the material world, and such efforts can never be laid down by any kind of negative elements…We are sure Lok Parithran is one such establishment without any kind of material attachment and definitely no negative elements can stop you from being successful..ALL THE BEST!!!

  13. lalitha on

    An appreciative start
    Really we need a party with vision and people in their mind.
    If u are going to be one u are most welcome and all the very best to u

  14. Anonymous on

    you can check
    http://www.lokparitran.org/ for contact details.

  15. Anonymous on

    ‘A Start’! Hopefully a start with a promising journey. But what is your agenda? To me it is unclear. If you guys want to do all the present/ government (s) have not done, why haven you used the excellent press coverage to the maximum.

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