Kannappan merges with DMK

Former ADMK minister S. Kannapan merged his Makkal Thamizh Desam (MTD) party with the DMK. Welcoming Kannappan and his supporters to the DMK fold, Karunanidhi said that he was of the opinion that all Dravidian outfits had to be united to fight for social causes. Kannappan said that he and his supporters would work wholeheartedly for the achieving the ideals of the DMK. The primary aim now was to unseat the "anti-democratic and anti-people" government of the ADMK. It must also be noted that Kannapan wanted to merge his party with the ADMK during the last Lok Sabha elections. His party had adopted a resolution in this regard. But at the time, Jayalalitha didn't reciprocate his gesture. Now Kannapan has decided to join the DMK. Kannapan has a significant caste base (Yadavas). Although his party didn't win any seats in the last assembly elections as party of the DMK alliance it managed to poll about 40% votes in the seats it contested.

Source: The Hindu


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