ADMK concludes Pondy seat sharing…

ADMK chief and TN Chief Minister J Jayalalitha has concluded the seat sharing agreement for Pondicherry. The ADMK has 3 major allies in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. After concluding the seat sharing agreement, it was announced that ADMK will now contest 16 out of the 30 seats in Pondicherry. The breakdown of the number of seats contested by the allies in the ADMK front are as provided below. Looking at the numbers it certainly looks like ADMK will have to settle for a coalition government in Pondicherry in case their front wins a majority.

Total Seats – 30
ADMK – 16
PMC (Kannan) – 10
DPI – 2
MDMK – 2


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  1. Vijay on

    Hi! What is your take on LokParitran? I guess they r contesting out of Mylapore in Chennai.. And suppose, if u were asked to suggest them 5 constituiencies in Chennai, which ones u’d suggest..

  2. Eshwar S on

    Hi Vijay,

    Well first of all thank you for visiting my blog.

    I first heared about LokParitran on NDTV a few months back as a party started by IITians. As you know IIT has a reputation of producing the best and brightest people. So no doubt these people who started this party are capable. But I am still skeptical if they can make an impact either in the comming or in future elections. This is because,

    1. I am not sure if they are 100% committed and involved. I hope they are not doing this on a part time basis. I can assure you that politics is not a part time job.

    2. To make an impact you need to get the message across to the masses. This involves a lot of money. You can get people to embrace you unless you can put forth your views. They certainly haven’t been getting much coverage from either national or local TV channels. More over in TN most of the media is owned directly or indirectly by the Dravidian parties.

    3. Our people themselves. They make their voting preferences based on caste, alligence etc. These things are so ingrained it can’t be changed over-night.

    As to your second question regarding the suggestions about the constituencies in Chennai. I think Chennai is one of the toughest places to win since its a DMK fortress. Most of their big guns like MK, Stalin, Anbazhagan, Arcot Veeraswami contest from here. The places I would suggest are,

    1. Villivakkam
    2. Purasawalkam
    3. Mylapore
    4. Park Town
    5. T. Nagar

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