“Neither too much nor too Little”

These were the words that were uttered by PMK chief Ramadoss after finalizing the seat sharing agreement with the DMK. The PMK was offered 31 seats to contest as part of the DMK alliance in the forth comming assembly elections. This agreement concludes seat sharing with all the major allies. The DMK is now left with 132 seats.

Total Seats – 234
DMK – 132 * (3 IUML)
Congress – 48
PMK – 31
CPM – 13
CPI- 10

Early IUML were alloted 3 seats, but they agreed to contest from the DMK symbol. MDMK's exit from the alliance has made it easy for the DMK to satisfy all the allies. The seats that the parties will contest will be decided within the next week.


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  1. Vijay Krishna on

    I think MK has proved once again he is a master strategist. Instead of grabbing all the seats allocated to old traitors (read Vaiko) for himself, he has allotted those for the allies.

    This also signals the arrival of coalition politics in Tamilnadu. It would be tough for the DMK to win 120 of the 132 they are contesting. Genius differentiates itself from the rest by spotting events ahead of their occurrence. MK is one such person.

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