Good will gesture?

The DMK and the Congress finalized their seat sharing agreement yesterday. According to the agreement, the Congress party will contest in 48 constituencies for the TN assembly elections. This is two more than what the ADMK offered to the combined TMC and TNCC in the previous assembly elections. The announcement has certainly come as a surprise to many observers since this will virtually ensures that DMK will be able to contest in atmost 125 assembly seats. By this gesture, the DMK has created a good relationship with alliance partners and this could translate into good coordination among the allies during election time. But, having to contest in just 125 seats it looks like the DMK will not be able to win an outright majority. But, since the DMK is a major constituent of the UPA at the centre and its support is crucial, it can expect guaranteed outside support by the Congress for major part of its tenure if in the case of hung assembly and if the DMK falls just short of the absolute majority. But, all this just speculation.


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  1. Idly Vadai on

    Good layout and nice site.

  2. Anonymous on


    Sorry for typing in English

    I am sure this is a colossal blunder by KArunanidhi -to allot so may seats to the cadresless Congress party in Tamil Nadu.This is absolutely disproportionate to their grassroot strength

    Its clear to me now that DMK is not going to achive majority on its own

    IN one to one fight with AIADMK ,DMK typically suffers

    AIADMK alliance is going to sweep this poll because of this blunder

    Probaly the Sun TV lobby in DMK represented by Marans WITH THEIR insatiable hunger for money might have prevailed over the stalin group .Maran’s position in centre is more important in protecting the business interest

  3. richie on

    I thought you guys were tlaking about Hind Movie here. I guess i was wrong.

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