Vaiko’s switch – An Analysis

I taught it would be a nice time for an analysis section today about Vaiko's switch from DPA to the ADMK alliance. The question I was asking myself for the few days is what prompted Vaiko make this switch. I believe the answer may lie with the fact that Vaiko for forced to take this decision for he feared otherwise his party will split. Most of his party leaders and cadres were against aligning with the DMK. They felt that the DMK was trying to undermine MDMK's presence in the state by offering a low number of seats. They point out that while MDMK's vote share in the state is more than the PMK, they were offered lower number of seats both in the last Lok Sabha elections and in the current Assembly elections. It must be remembered that Vaiko choose not to contest the last Lok Sabha elections because his party was offered only 4 seats and decided to let others in his party contest. Instead he choose to champaign for the allies in all the 40 seats. The DMK was also careful not to project Vaiko as a star campaigner. You would have noticed his coverage by Sun TV was very limited during the elections. But, Vaiko initially decided to stay with DPA for he was not willing to give up his pride by going with the ADMK. His family was also very insistent that he stay with DMK. But, when Vaiko realized that he could no longer be able to rein in his party, he finally gave in to pressure and put the party he build ahead of himself and decide to mend fences with his arch rival Jayalalitha. He may well know by now that his chances of taking over the DMK after Karunanidhi are virtually nil. This may well explain the rumors of him seeking a Raj Sabha seat for himself from the ADMK…


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  1. Karthikeyan Muthurajan on

    May the some part of MDMK vote bank may turn to their parent party bcos of this.

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