Not Perturbed!

While Vaiko's exit took every one by storm at the three day DMK conference at Tiruchirapalli Conference, DMK heaved a huge sign of relief because of the massive gathering at the event. They were quite buoyant by the large number of women and youth who are typically considered to vote ADMK. DMK leaders also tried to put up a brave face by stating that MDMK's exit is a blessing in disguise because the DMK now will be able to satisfy all the allies by allotting seats close to their requested number. They believe that Vaiko summersault will cause him to loose credibility among the masses and it will result in a section of the MDMK vote bank to return to the parent party. However, all speakers were told to not mention about the episode during their speech. Most of their target was on the ruling ADMK. Congress president Sonia Gandhi was also present at the meeting. She asked the people to end the ADMK misrule.


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