Election Dates Announced!

"Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu will be held on May 8 as per the schedule announced by the Election Commission today for four poll-bound states and one Union Territory. While it will be a one-day polling in Tamil Nadu, polling will be staggered in the neighbouring Union Territory of Pondicherry. In the Union Territory, polling will take place on May 8 in 27 constituencies while in Mahe (adjoining Kerala), Yanam (adjoining Andhra Pradesh) and Palloor, it will be on May 3. Counting of votes in all the states will be taken up on May 11, Chief Election Commissioner B B Tandon told a press conference here while announcing the time table. The model of code of conduct comes into force immediately."

Source: Chennai Online


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  1. Prasanna on


    Fabulous Blog.

    Really Keeps me updated on the TN election scene

    I hope there will be a clear verdict in favour of either DMK or AIADMK as i feel coalition politics at state level will prove deterimental to the development process

    Though dont like Karunanidhi(the acerbic tongue/promoting family interest in the garb of ideology/swindling unlimited wealth for his extended family),i would feel that DMK coming to power might be better becuase Centre-State relationhip will be better

    Maran is deliberately sabotaging projects coming to Chennai as he fears Jayalalithaa taking credit for that.The animosity between the AIDAMK and centre will cost the state dear as investors are shying away getting caught in the political crossfire.Remember Maran deliberately launching diatribe on Chennai Road condition during Gates visit fully knowing that rains battered them only recently

    Atleast with the DMK government animosity might disappear.

    Anyway will keeping coming back to this blog.

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