Brothers Again

Well after keeping DMK chief Karunanidhi in suspense for over a week regarding his continuation in the UPA alliance, MDMK chief Vaiko finally put all speculations to rest. Late last night Viako called up Karunanidhi and expressed his desire to continue in the UPA alliance and claimed that he and his party would work tirelessly for the victory of the front. Reacting to Vaiko’s statement, a visibly happy Karunanidhi told newspersons that the controversy over the MDMK’s continuance in the DPA has come to an end. “Even if you (the media) want, you can’t put a comma now,” he said. So with this I think the political alliance partners for the two major fronts are more or less decided. The UPA front would include DMK, Congress, PMK, MDMK and the Left parties. The ADMK led front would most likely include the new party headed by actor Vijaykanth and the Dalit Panthers. It certainly promises to be a intersting campaign. But at the moment it looks like UPA would certainly fancy its chances.


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  1. keerthi on

    good job.. im frequenting here.

    do us all a favour.. keep updating frequently..

    suggestion.. Change template. Keep some minima..

    can you email or chat with me ?

  2. Eshwar S on

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Eshwar S on

    Hi Keethi. Thanks for the kind words. I will be updating the page every other day. If more people start visiting then I can do it every day. Thanks for suggesstions as well. I will try to modify the template soon. Please always be free to email me at or YAHOO ID: eshwars_s. Thanks.

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